It’s Cool. It’s Cooling. It’s Jax Coco!

By on June 15, 2013

As global warming jettisons us into warmer summers, Jax Coco’s cool coconut water has arrived to quench our swelling thirsts. Sourced naturally from Phillipines, branded in Hong Kong, and exported in premium glass packaging across the globe, the drink has just the right flavour for everyone to savour.

Splash into summer with a healthy spring of coconut.

Splash into summer with a spring of healthy coconut.

Besides branding it as an energising drink, the Jax team also highlight the innate nutrients of a coconut, and the hydration that the drink can provide to one’s body and immune system. Precisely, the ingrained essential electrolytes include: Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorous, Potassium and Calcium. That it is also fat free, as well as low on gluten, cholesterol, calories and preservatives gives it prized precedence over the chemically carbonated commercial drinks.

What’s more, the testimonials and endorsements that they’ve remarkably achieved complement their promises admirably.  Celebrities like Liz Hurley and Sophie Ellis-Bextor have generously tweeted about them; Elton John has joined Jax as a co-owner, while UK Vogue Magazine even named their product as ‘the chicest coconut water on the market’.

Jax Coco is currently being sold in 250ml (HK$28) and 720ml (HK$48) glass bottles and 330ml Tetrapak containers (HK$16). They are available at several supermarkets, restaurants and bars across Hong Kong, including: Citysuper, 360, Jason’s Marketplace, Oliver’s and Park N’ Shop International.

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