Issaya Siamese Club has been on my must visit list for an extremely long time. Specially after a strong recommendation for their flagship restaurant in Bangkok by a foodie friend. My husband and I finally decided to take up the recommendation and made our way to the Thai restaurant for their semi-buffet brunch.


Conveniently located on the 25th floor at Soundwill Plaza, Causeway, with a stunning view of the city with bright natural sunlight blending perfectly well with the subtle and stylish Thai interiors.

Appetizers and Live Stall at Issaya

There are plenty of appetizers for the brunch which includes fresh oysters (only two per person), a live Papaya salad and a Tom Yum soup counter. Our favourite Laab Kai (chicken salad with lettuce), Moo Ping (BBQ Pork skewers) and Laab Hed Sod (vegetarian: mushroom, cabbage and shallots in a nice tangy dressing). They can be quite filling, so make sure you pace yourself.

The lovely smiley Thai lady at the live station is ready to toss up some delicious Papaya salad as per your request – which will then be served to you at your table. I asked her to make mine  vegetarian without any fish sauce, extra lime juice and medium spicy, which was just right for my palate.

Main course at Issaya Siamese Club

For the mains you can choose one dish from six options. We had the Khanom Jin Kaeng Luang Phak – Mixed Vegetable with Thai rice Vermicelli in Yellow Curry Sauce. Now if you’ve lived in India for as long as I have, this dish was a major blast from the past reminding me of my favourite Burmese Khaosuey! That creaminess in the curry and all the flavours and spices were perfect and thoroughly satisfying. My husband went for the Kaew Pla Sea Bass Ob Sauce which was the imported Sea Bass in a Red Chilli glaze and wok Sautéed Mushrooms. The sea bass was fresh and soft, the chilli glaze made all the difference in terms of the flavour, but be warned – the glaze is on the sweeter side.

[youtube id=”WxXxvZZmTaI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

We ate so much that we forgot to leave room for the desserts which were included in the semi buffet spread. We still somehow lapped up some fresh fruits and macarons. There are some great cocktails which are not included but worth trying out. Since we had a heavy night of drinking the previous night, we decided to have a detox and went ahead with the mocktails. If you’re in the mood for something citrusy, try out the Issaya Mojito – we opted for the virgin version, which was very refreshing. You can also upgrade to free flow Champagne if you like your brunches booze filled!

In a nutshell, Issaya Siamese Club is a perfect place for a chilled out Sunday afternoon brunch which is great value for money and extremely Vegetarian Friendly.

Price per head: HK$368 with 10% service charge. Add HK$ 298 for free flow Champagne.

Issaya Siamese Club | 25/F, Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay | + (852) 2154 3048


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