A bite size serving with a spoonful of stuffing wrapped in dough seems have taken over Hong Kong. Yes, we are talking about the oh-so famous item from the Nepalese/Tibetan dish called the momo. While there may be a number of eating houses to gollop momochas,  we at the HKYantoYan have picked out The Best Momos In Hong Kong Only For You!

Best Momos In Hong Kong

Up 9

So this place is actually a hidden spot but we assure you that the momos of Up 9 deserve the effort you put into finding the restaurant. The pork, chicken AND vegetarian momo here is a huge hit; served along with a delicious spicy sauce! Mind you, the ambience is just like you’re dining in a shabby home from the early 90s but again, the most awesome spots are always a bit rustic, don’t you think? For those up for a bit of a spice, we also recently tried their chilli chicken momos and they were simply wow!

Up 9 | Since we don’t want to make this too much of a commercial spot, drop us at email at info@hkyantoyan.com if you want to find out where Up9 is!


Another easy to miss restaurant that serves world class momos. Situated on Temple street (yes the night market and red light area and also a popular communal area amongst our Nepalese friends). Hidden behind all the market shops, Manakamana’s chicken momos will get your mouth watering at the drop of a hat! At the look of the eatery, you’d not want to expect much but, your expectations are going to be surpassed.

Manakamana | G/F, 165 Temple Street, Jordan, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 23852070

Grill House

This tiny diner in Jordan makes it to the list of HKYantoYan’s list of Best Momos in Hong Kong because of its perpetual juicy pork momos. Stuffed along with red onion and ginger, you can have it steamed, fried, or with soup. All the three variations are very much inviting. So, you’ve got to try it all till you settle for a favourite.

Grill House | Shop 7, G/F, Chung Wo Commercial Centre, 42-46 Shanghai Street, Jordan | Tel: +852 28505232

Best Momos In Hong Kong


Undertaking the effort of serving mild, moderate or spicy food to suit your taste buds, Himalaya brings to you appetizing Kothey Chicken Momos. It is this half fried and half steamed momo that makes you prone to a 100% revitalizing foodgasm. Don’t waste your time on thinking twice, just buzz them to reserve a table asap!

Himalaya | 1/F A 22-30 Taiwong Street, East Wanchai, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 25275899


Probably the most expensive option in our list but the momocha at Nepal restaurant cum bar serves minced lamb, chicken and vegetable momos. Personally, we like the steamed version, but you can also pick the deep-fried one. Being one of the oldest Nepalese restaurant in the city, this is the place where you will find the most authentic and traditional flavour of your beloved momos.

Nepal | G/F., 14 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 28696212

Ex- Gorkha Restaurant & Bar

Once again, back in Jordan, at this place you will experience a friendly service along with your momos! Adding to that are their beer offers which are pocket friendly and can totally be used by you to wash  the Nepalese spices down. All you have got to do is head to this restaurant and relish the succulent momos.

Ex- Gorkha Restaurant & Bar | Shop 5, G/F, Kings Court, 65-75 Wai Ching Street, Jordan | Tel: +852 39545247

Kowloon Curry House

The C-momo is a great choice at the Kowloon Curry House. Wondering what kind of a dish is this? Well, the C-momos is a preparation wherein steamed momos are served in a hot sauce. But, you have to to be cautious when it comes to this preparation as it might just turn out to be too hot to handle. Therefore, plan to venture out to this restaurant with someone who can handle them spices.

Kowloon Curry House | M/F & G/F., 266 Temple Street, Jordan, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 23843570

Best Momos In Hong Kong

According to us we have done just to the list of the Best Momos in Hong Kong. But, if we’ve left out on your favourite inns, please tell us about it in the comments below. We would love to try it too!


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