If everyone in Hong Kong gives up meat one day a week, it would be like taking 86,000 cars off the road.” And that will surely make a huge difference to the city’s soaring carbon footprint— has the second highest carbon footprint per capita of any country in the world. So here’s what the social enterprise ‘Green Monday’ encourages people to —give up meat on one day, Monday. By giving up meat for just one day per week, a person can reduce his or her carbon emissions by 28.5%.

A global Meatless Monday movement that has already succeeded in slowing down meat sales worldwide, Green Monday promotes a similar healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle in Hong Kong as well. It starts with giving up meat one day a week.

Cafe Deco Pizzeria Green Monday

With our Green Monday series, we plan to check out the ‘meatless menu’ at restaurants around town, which have partnered with this project. The first one up is Cafe Deco Pizzeria, the latest addition to Cafe Deco Group’s culinary repertoire.

Replacing the group’s Wild Fire restaurant at Kowloon’s Elements shopping mall, this pizza-focused hotspot has a fresher, and sleeker look. Wooden accents, soft lighting and of course a pizza station housing a wood-burning oven, completes the contemporary chic, yet rustic decor of the pizzeria.

Cafe Deco Pizzeria Green Monday

Aiming towards innovation, their menu comprises of international and inventive pizzas, rather than the traditional fare. The comprehensive menu also offers a selection of soups, salads, calzones, pastas, risottos, and lip-smacking desserts. While vegetarian dishes feature generously on their main menu, they have also created a special ‘Green Monday’ menu.

We began with their Italian Crusty Bread Salad, which consisted of Capers, Cucumber, Romesco, Tomatoes and Feta. A perfect combination of crunchy lettuce, cucumber and croutons with soft feta and tomatoes tossed in a light Romesco–nut and red pepper-based– sauce. It was a great start to our meal. The Artisan Soup with Fregola, which followed next, lived up to the standard set by the salad. The tanginess of the tomatoes in this rich soup was aptly offset by the herbs, while the diced vegetables and fregola pasta provided the fitting texture. Since we wanted to sample most of the dishes, we called for only one portion of the soup between three of us.

For the mains, we sampled all  three on the menu. The Penne Arrabiata with Garlic, Chili Flakes and Plum Tomatoes, was a spicy garlic-y affair. The acidity of the tomatoes, however, was a bit overwhelming. The Forest Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil was simply splendid– while the creamy risotto served as an ideal backdrop, the star of the dish were the succulent chunks of forest mushroom doused perfectly in truffle oil. A must-have for any risotto or mushroom lover.

Cafe Deco Pizzeria Green Monday

Our meal (and the review)  would be incomplete without trying one of their innovative, stone-oven pizza. Oddly though, for a ‘Pizza-focussed’ diner, their green menu offered only one pizza choice. That said, the All Veg Pizza with Artichokes, Gourmet Mushrooms, Onions and Topped with Arugula and Truffle Oil, definitely leaned towards innovation. Unlike the regular veggie pizzas, the choice of ingredients offered a freshness to our palate. Light, crispy, yet wholesome, the pizza was a fitting end to our ‘meatless Monday meal’.

Cafe Deco Pizzeria Green Monday

Although there wasn’t any desert on the green Monday menu, their regular sweet fare is a sure winner. However, with our tummies full and taste buds satiated, we decided to skip desserts.

Cafe Deco Pizzeria | Shop 1005, Elements, Kowloon Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong | Tel: 2196 8099



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