Hong Kong’s newest pizza place Grano Italiano, recently opened its second store at China Hong Kong City in Tsim Sha Tsui! (Yes, finally more options in the Kowloon side). The brand follows a simple USP of “you make it, we bake it!” allowing you to create your own pizza using a wide variety of authentic Italian toppings with a lot of vegetarian options! Each pizza is tailor-made by you, for you!

Accompanying these mouthwatering items is Grano Italiano’s new summer favourite –soft gelato, a creamy yet lighter-than-air classic Italian summer treat, exclusively available at the pizza tailor, created by PreGel, a world renown artisan gelato maker founded in Italy half a century ago.

Grano Italiano is offering HKYantoYan’s readers two complimentary dinner vouchers (for two pax each) in their iSquare branch! All you have to do is answer a simple question.

Where in Tsim Sha Tsui are the two branches of Grano Italiano located?

[CONTEST CLOSED] Two random lucky winners will be announced soon.


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