You might be having a splendid dinner or cocktails at Foxglove and not know about the hidden cocktail den within – which is Frank’s Library. For the many in the know, Frank’s Library is a haven for cocktail lovers – and is known for using the freshest ingredients and only the most premium spirits. was invited to try the new cocktail menu with food pairing created by bar manager, Derek Tsui. And it packs a lot! 
Cocktail #1: Mad Tea Party
Ingredients: JW Black Label, Apple, Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea, Caramel Sugar
Mad Tea Party Franks Library
Mad Tea-Party (HK$100)
Served in a high ball glass, the cocktail is quite refreshing and well balanced as it uses fresh apple juice- but it’s not overtly sweet. A starter cocktail, especially if you’ve walked up from Queen’s Road to the bar and worked up a sweat already! 
Suckling Pig with Green Apple Purée
Suckling Pig with Green Apple Purée
The drink was paired with suckling pig and green apple puree – which was  a brilliant accompaniment with the cocktail. 

Cocktail #2: Iryujon
Ingredients: Four Fox Sake, St. Germain, Ginger, Yuzu, Angostura Bitters
Iryujon Franks Library HKyantoYan
Iryūjon (HK$150), or “Illusion” in Japanese
An Instagrammer’s dream cocktail right here! Prettiest cocktail at the bar (comes in a bird glass with edible flowers), and also the most delectable. The Sake & Yuzu combo with a hint of elder flower and ginger is all you want in a Japan inspired cocktail. Must have! 
Caviar Tart Franks Library Hong Kong HKYantoYan
Caviar Tart
The cocktail came with a pairing of Caviar Tart creating a contrasting effect with a creamy bite. I wouldn’t mind ordering some on their own too!

Cocktail #3: Savoy Truffle
Ingredients: Oolong Infused Gin, Honey, Cream Cheese Foam 
The Savoy Truffle Franks Library Hong Kong HKYantoYan
The Savoy Truffle (HK$100)
A very ‘desserty’ cocktail, with Frankly too much going on. If you love salted cream cheese ice creams – maybe this one is for you. The drink is quite intricate and kudos to Derek Tsui. The result is not for everyone!
Hazelnut Ganache Dark Chocolate Tart Franks Library HKYantoYan
Hazelnut Ganache Dark Chocolate Tart
Savoy Truffle came with a pairing of Hazelnut Ganache Dark Chocolate Tart. What’s a better way to end the night than with a rich dark chocolate tart?
Frank’s Library has a very knowledgeable team behind the bar and it shows in the cocktails. If you love cocktails, want to try some new ones, or even try your favourite ones with a twist – Franks Library will not disappoint.
Frank’s Library | 18 Ice House Street / 6 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2116 8949


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