With temperatures soaring all over the globe, whether attributed to global warming or just plain simple hormone fluctuations, there is little that you can do to keep calm, literally. Watching what you put into your mouth during these sweaty moments can actually help you cool down when you truly need it, and with good reason. Yes, it is actually time to adjust our diets as the thermometer spikes and stay away from all the foods that well, make you sizzle. Eating wisely is especially important right now to minimize discomfort and maximize energy – despite the heat. So what are these foods that keep you cool?

It is said that cooling foods have effects of clearing heat and toxins, cooling and calming the blood and nourishing yin. These types of food are suitable for people who have heat constitution of the body and have symptoms ranging from perspiration, thirst, constipation and anxiety amongst many others. Find below a list of all cool foods that you should be stocking your house with.



Apple, Banana (rich content of iron and potassium),Grapefruit, Kiwifruit, Lemon, Orange (beneficial in avoiding muscle cramps and contains potassium), Pear,Star Fruit, Strawberry and Watermelon ( The name itself says water, what more can you ask for? Also has lycopene that helps in preventing sun damage to the skin cells) are considered to be fruits of the cooling Gods and if you have experienced their effects, you definitely know what I am talking about. Whether as thirst quenchers or high in nutrients, these fruits should be on your must eat list this summer! Dont forget lychees (My personal favorite ) that fulfill the requirement of vitamins, protein, citric acid, fat, iron and phosphorus,that is definitely required by the human body during summers.



Aah, instead of squinching your noses at the thought of munching on vegetables, keep in mind that some can actually help lower body temperature when the heat soars. The best examples are cucumber, radishes, lettuce and leafy greens such as spinach and arugula, and fresh herbs such as mint (add to dips or yoghurt). Due to significant amount of water present in them, they can actually thin the blood and assist your body in releasing heat – leaving you with nothing but a cooling effect! Question is, how do you actually eat them? Simply toss them into a vibrant summer salad or wrap them in rice paper to create Thai-inspired veggie rolls. Even simpler, just munch them as you walk along. When the heat turns up, turn down the cooking as raw fruits and veggies are the perfect summer-time food and absolutely delicious with little or no preparation. Win win situation, isnt it? Lotus root, water chestnut and tomato can also be tossed up into a salad with a light dressing to keep you going through the day. The combinations are endless, so pick and choose what works for you.

Condiments and beverages


Chrysanthemum Tea, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea, Salt and Sesame oil are said to have cooling effects and I for one am definitely listening! Keeping fully hydrated by drinking plenty of water is of paramount importance in the hot summer months. Many symptoms of excess summer heat (dizziness, fatigue, lack of concentration) are attributable to chronic dehydration. So sip up! Also, an inexpensive coconut is full of health benefits and has wonderful cooling properties, so I would recommend looking pretty sipping on coconut water as it is laden with simple sugars, electrolytes and essential minerals which help keep the body well hydrated.

Besides the above, clam, chicken egg, tofu, wheat bran, whole wheat and millet amongst many others also have cooling effects and are recommended if you need to ‘cool off’.

So how is the summer coming along for you?

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