An acronym for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, FINDS is a Nordic‐themed restaurant perched inside the beautiful Luxe Manor in Tsim Sha Tsui. The well‐spaced wooden decor, lime‐green sofas and crafted reindeer’s on the edges of the wall reminded me of the allure of Scandinavia, and rekindled my fascination with the Norwegian region. The restaurant also has cosy private rooms for large groups of people, adorned in the theme of Scandinavian seasons ‐ Nordic Summer, Nordic Winter and Black.


As we entered FINDS, a friendly staff member took us to our seats and offered us appetizers while we looked through their menu – fresh cucumber water and an assortment of warm, soft and crispy malt bread, served with olive oil, cream cheese and sour cream with dill. Both set course meals and A’ la carte options were available. There were predictably a lot of salmon dishes in the menu, but they did have a few vegetarian alternatives as well.


For our starters, we kicked off with the chef’s special – ‘Salmon In Six Ways’ – with some Chardonnay wine to complement. The signature starter was laid out attractively, offering a grand arsenal of samples – cold smoked salmon with fresh dill, seared salmon with avocado sauce, salmon mousse with malt bread, pickled salmon with some pickled carrots, gravad lax with mustard sauce and golden roe with cream cheese. The gravad lax cured with beetroot was definitely the winner for me, as the salmon – which is usually a heavy fish – was done to perfection, making it refreshingly light when paired with a beetroot punch.


We then tried ‘Shrimp and Cod Fish Cakes’, which were absolutely tender, moist and flavorful ‐ and well complimented by the marinated tomatoes, avocado and zesty smoked bell pepper sauce. Seafood lovers would definitely relish it.

FINDS’ salmon is known to be sourced specially from Norway every day, so we ordered some more salmon for the main course, ‘House‐smoked Salmon Fillet’ – as recommended by their staff – followed by another entrée, ‘Slightly Smoked Veal Tenderloin’.

The smoked salmon was served with a dark dill sauce and finger potatoes. The fish was wonderfully succulent and melted in our mouths, filling us with the essence of the Norwegian Sea. The dill sauce too, further accentuated its flavor. The potatoes though, were a bit hard and dry and were a little bit of a kill‐joy to us.


However, the veal tenderloin made up for that perfectly. The veal was cooked to a medium rare, accompanied with potato gratin with juniper, Brussels sprouts, pickled green apple and radish. The rich red wine sauce brought everything together, and we devoured our luxurious meal with utter relish.


Being a dessert lover, I always look forward to the last part of the meal. The dessert menu spoiled us for choice as we ordered the ‘Desert Taster’, which offered three different sweet dishes – ‘DAIM’ Parfait, Strawberry and Rhubarb Tart and Chocolate & Sea Buckthorn Berry. Our sweet tray on the other hand was certainly a feast for the eyes. The parfait came rolled in crumbs and was served with a crispy caramel sauce; they were soft, crunchy and magnificent. The acidic rhubarb sauce complimented the sweet strawberry tart well, while the chocolate mousse possessed a flawless consistency which was accented by the mango puree it was presented with. Each element on the plate had a distinct character and flavor, and the aftertaste left us craving for more.

The purity, freshness and simplicity of the food at FINDS has converted me into a Nordic cuisine lover. It’s both earthy and refined, and emphasizes a lot on natural Scandinavian products – pines, juniper, dill and old techniques like smoking, pickling, curing. This is a gastronomical adventure you absolutely must embark on, and believe me – you will not be disappointed.


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