Thank you for filling up the form. Your Password is “Drinks On HKYantoYan“.

Call +852 3427 2288 for Auqa in TST, or +852 3583 2828 for Armani/Aqua in Central to book the Brunch and let them know the password!


Champagne is on us! We’ve partnered up with Aqua to give our readers a free upgrade to the unlimited Champagne + Cocktail Brunch when you book their ‘Infinity Brunch‘. Actually, that’s not all – you also get a FREE ride on the iconic Aqua Luna boat.

Aqua Luna Boat

What’s the cost?

HK$ 448 per person. Kids up to 5 years eat for free! HK$ 198 for children aged 5-12 years.

What’s the Food like?

Awesome! There’s unlimited Sushi and Sashimi served on the table. You also get an Italian Antipasto Platter with cheese, salami, cous cous, salad, salmon and more! For main course you have a variety of choices like Vegetarian Tempura, Seafood Risotto, Grilled King Prawns and more.

DJ Infinity Brunch at Aqua Hong Kong HKYantoYan DJ Infinity Brunch at Aqua in Hong Kong HKYantoYan

To top it all off – you get a world-class Aqua Signature Dessert Platter (see photo below) with ice-cream, pastries, chocolates, lemon sorbet, macaroons and more! Other options are also available.

dessert platter at DJ Infinity Brunch at Aqua in Hong Kong HKYantoYan

What to expect?

First, you make your way to the ferry pier in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui, where you can board the Aqua Luna boat (this part is optional). Depending where you have booked the brunch (Aqua in Tsim Sha Tsui or Armani /Aqua in Central), get off at the corresponding pier and head towards to restaurant. You can always do a return journey if you booked Aqua in TST and want to board the Aqua Luna from TST – same goes for Central.

The food is great quality, and the views from Aqua in Tsim Sha Tsui are fantastic. If you fill the form below – we will send you a code which you can then use to get the free upgrade to the Champagne + Cocktail brunch. After you’re done, we advise you to take an UBER or taxi back home, as you probably will be too drunk to drive or take public transport without falling somewhere! The staff at both the restaurants are friendly and will make sure your table is never empty.


How to get FREE Drinks on

Simple! Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the secret password. use this password when you book the Brunch!

Once you have the password, just call +852 3427 2288 for Auqa in TST, or +852 3583 2828 for Armani/Aqua in Central.

If you like HOT Chinese food – you can avail a similar deal at Hutong restaurant. Just call Hutong at +852 3428 8342 to inquire. CHEERS!




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