Sichuan food has always been a favourite amongst the expat Indian community in Hong Kong, So when we heard about Elite Concept’s latest new sichuan hotspot Deng G Chengdu Bistro & Baijiu Bar, we wanted to try it out right away.


The restaurant itself is surrounded by lovely warm and cozy interiors inspired from Chengdu- which you see in the bamboo interiors which contrasts the minimal lighting and modern furnishing.

Sichuan dishes in many restaurants have the tendency of tasting the same, and it’s something I find an issue with. At Deng G, all the dishes we tried were unique and varied in their flavours and spice level. You can request the spice level to the server when you order.


Some of the dishes which stood out were:

Mapo Tofu, a classic and a must have for vegetarians with steamed rice.

Diced Chicken with Chilli and cashews – mildly spicy but flavourful dish with crunchy roasted goodness of cashews.

Pork Dumpings in Chengdu Style – chili oil flavour with scallions perfectly complimented the spiced meat filling.

Deep fried sweet and sour Yellow Fish with Pine Nuts – very crispy on the outside and a well balanced flavour of sweet and spice.

Dry sauteed Shredded Beef – This was slightly numbing on the palate however the sliced spring onions helped balance the flavour.


After a somewhat fiery dinner, it always helps to have a cool and refreshing dessert and we had exactly that when we opted for The Fermented glutinous rice with ice powder. Don’t go by the name, as the dessert is almost like a bubble tea with cubed dragon fruit and jelly – worth ordering.

Indians in Hong Kong will find Deng G a worthy addition to their list of Sichuan restaurants. Give it a try and let us know how you find it in the comments section below.

Deng G | 2/F 147 Queen’s Rd East, Wanchai | +852 2609 2328



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