Coffee lovers, rejoice! Nespresso has made its three most popular limited edition flavours part of its permanent collection. The flavours are VanilioCioccattino and Caramelito, or Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Caramel.


The flavours are deliciously smooth and aromatic, whether blended in a cup of hot joe or with some crushed ice for a refreshingly cool drink.

That’s not all. Nespresso has officially handed over the reins to its Club Members, who have been asked to vote for the next limited edition flavour. The options are Cioccorosso, which has a delectable dark chocolate taste and refreshing red fruit notes, Masala Chai, which is an aromatic mix of cinnamon, star aniseed and clove, and Liminto, a mix of mint and lime. Club Members: kindly visit to cast your vote. Voting ends on 26th June.

Nespresso in Hong Kong | ifc boutique 1021, ifc Mall, Central, Hong Kong

Nespresso in Kowloon | Elements boutique: 1093, Elements, Kowloon


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