Tuesday, 16th April 2013

Meet Chef Chetan Kohli
Meet Chef Chetan Kohli

Pure Bar + Restaurant will be soon launching an exciting new menu for 2013 by their Sous Chef Chetan Kohli along with a wide range of new cocktails added (made with 100% fresh organic ingredients!) A perfect time to mingle over some delicious drinks and food, we say!

Sous Chef Chetan Kohli’s believes in using simple ingredients to create unique dishes that fuse different cultural influences with his own individual flair.

The mouth watering new Pure Bar + Restaurant menu will be available from 8th April onwards, some dishes to look forward to at the launch of the new menu consist of fettuccini in cream sauce with chorizo & scallops, rare tuna with egg nori & lump fish caviar for the non vegetarian and sautéed zucchini in lemon & basil with garlic chips, Mediterranean-style couscous wrapped in zucchini with red bell pepper jus for the vegetarians.

What would you say your culinary style is..

My style has always been more fusion than anything else. I love bringing together different styles and ingredients to see what interesting results I come up with. The opportunity at Pure Bar allows me to hone this passion and offers a new ‘culinary license’, so to speak. Most of all, it allows me to interact with my guests. Being able to discuss and understand what they like and what they would like to see improved is one of the highlights of my work.

Pure Bar + Restaurant change their menus twice a year. What is different about this one?

Pure Bar is an international bar and restaurant. In a diverse city like Hong Kong, we aim to cater to the many different tastes and preferences that we come across, especially in a location like SoHo. The new menu will feature not just various styles of dishes, but in taking it a step further we are including items that use unique combinations of flavours and ingredients. I am certain that our esteemed guests will find the new menu fascinating and am particularly excited about the ostrich dish with its hints of South Asian flare.

What do you aim to achieve with Pure Bar + Restaurant?

I would not say I have a particular aim per se, but I strive to merge flavours and ingredients from all over the world in unexpected ways that pique customers’ interest, whilst gratifying their personal tastes. A new item we have not yet introduced – the Mediterranean-style couscous wrapped in zucchini with red bell pepper jus – is a vegetarian dish. More often than not, people would choose a meat dish if they are particularly hungry. The ingredients I have used here are flavoursome, filling, yet healthy. These considerations that arise with individual scenarios are also something I think about.

Event Details:

Venue: Pure Bar + Restaurant,  2/F, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Central

Date: Tue, 16 April 2013
Timing : 7pm – 9pm


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