Christmas Special Recipe – Mulled Wine

By on December 20, 2012
Mince pies and mistletoe’s  candy canes and cocktails. The magic has begun and it is time to let the festive spirit is rule the air.
And believe there is no better way to capture the spirit than with this ho ho hot tipple to keep those winter chills at bay.
Mulled Wine:
Ingredients :-
750 ml red wine
75 g brown sugar
75 g castor sugar
1/2 a cup orange juice
1 lemon zest end
1 cinnamon stick
4 whole cloves
1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

1.  Place all ingredient except the wine into a large saucepan and place on medium heat. Add enough-red wine to the pan to ensure the sugars are covered and allow this cook for 4-5 minutes until it becomes thick and sticky. This should let all the spices infuse and mix in very  well.

2.  Once the mixture has become sticky enough, add the rest of the wine and turn down the heat. Do not allow the wine to boil otherwise all the alcohol will evaporate!!! – Need to make merry right ? ( But remember Even though Santa is real busy at this time of the year he is still watching you)

Let this cook for 5 minutes and serve hot garnished  with thin wedges fresh of orange.

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Seema Bhatia

Seema Bhatia is a Kenyan born Indian who hails from a family food business. She spent her early twenties exploring yoga and meditation in India and it is here where her love for yogic cuisine was born. She ran an Africa to Asia dining experience in Hong Kong and has recently launched Hong Kong’s first holistic yogic food business PranaYum Prana in “life force” or “chi” energy.

She does event catering, private dining, turmeric shots and healthy yogi boxes. Her business is unique in that she draws from ancient wisdom – Ayurveda, Incan, Moroccan & Egyptian. She feels blessed as PranaYum supports “gift a smile” a charity that uplifts the lives of children in rural India through the Art of Living.

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