A greasy hamburger with a side of fries undoubtedly makes for the perfect comfort food. From the signature to gourmet ones, the city has tons of options for the perfect burger. One such hotspot is CaliBurger, a year old burger joint, located in Hennessy Road, Wan Chai. Inspired by California’s In-and-Out Burger, it brings a slice of the West Coast to Hong Kong, with its signature burgers, fries, wings, milk shakes, beers and cocktails.

Given its prime location, its a great place to grab a quick bite for lunch or before a big night out in Wanchai. Its quite popular among the city’s health conscious eaters, since it boasts of fresh ingredients and zero trans-fat oils.

We made our way to the burger joint— wooden accents and orange tones—to get our fill of our favourite comfort food.

Grilled Veggie Burger – HK$47 per burger (with mozzarella cheese $52)

Grilled Veg Burger

Normally a vegetarian burger consists of a veggie pattie made of mixed vegetables or soya. Caliburger’s rendition is literally made up of grilled vegetables including eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers with pesto sauce. I loved the freshness of all the veggies in this, however I’m not sure if we can call this a burger! To me, a patty makes the burger…a burger – but not everyone may think like that.

CaliDouble – HK$81

calidouble hk

A 100% beef patty — CaliBurger takes pride in the freshness of the meat they use in their burgers, having it shipped from the US and grounding it here in Hong Kong. I loved the burst of juiciness of the beef patty but felt that the flavour was slightly lacking.

Snapper Fillet Burger – HK$52

snapper fillet burger (1)

Being an ex- addict of  fillet o’ fish burgers from various establishments, the Snapper Fillet Burger gave me a fresh perspective on fish burgers. Quite literally —the burger and even the tar-tar sauce were very fresh. I did feel like the fish was a little over cooked, but I rather have it over than under.

Chilli Cheese Fries – HK$30/45

wild style fries

Quite spicy and great for vegetarians with an Indian palette. Mind you, they are not the healthiest of the choices, however, they are worth the extra calories.

Buffalo Wings – HK$ 38.

buffalo wings Caliburger

Indian palette, but non-vegetarian? This is one of the best things you can have at CaliBurger. I was thoroughly impressed by the authentic taste of buffalo wings, without having to order a bucketful! From now on, there won’t be any trip to CaliBurger without ordering the buffalo wings.

All in all, a decent burger joint to satisfy your burger cravings without having to eat a cup of sodium or to wait behind a line of bearded hipsters. Apparently, their milkshakes brings quite a lot of people to the shop, but we couldn’t try it as we got quite full. So can’t say if it is better than others!

CaliBurger | G/F., 68 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai | Tel: +852 2696 9008

Have you been to CaliBurger? What did you like? Let us know in the comments below: 


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