There are not many restaurants in Hong Kong where you can sit next to the beach with your significant other and indulge in a romantic night under the stars, feasting upon some hearty food and wine. Cafe Roma is the one place where you can make this fantasy come true. A casual European/Continental restaurant at the edge of Ma Wan (Park Island) and right under the beautiful Tsing Ma bridge, Cafe Roma has one of the best views in Hong Kong outside of the hustle & bustle of the city.

Cafe Roma

The team was invited to try the food at the restaurant and we jumped at the opportunity. Cafe Roma is part of GR8 Leisure Concept, which also owns FINDS and their head chef Jaakko Sorsa also heads Cafe Roma. The ingredient is ‘King’ here and what you order is what you get! No fancy tricks, heart shaped desserts etc. – just wholesome soul food.


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Creamy Porcini Mushroom Soup– A healthy choice, basil crème is added to the soup giving it an herbal and creamy taste. And I’m glad they haven’t forgotten the croutons – a must have.

Grilled Green Asparagus & Poached White Asparagus Salad – A mix of grilled green asparagus & poached white asparagus served with avocado on a bed of butter lettuce and garnished with fresh ginger vinaigrette. It’s a packed vegetarian salad with quality ingredients. The white asparagus is crunchy and stands out in the dish. However, this dish is only available for the Valentine menu.

Shiitake and Button Mushrooms – A dip of mushrooms cooked with a light cream pesto. We lapped it up with the crostini which is served along. Tasty till the finish, you would want to order one more, even if you’re a meat lover.

 Apple-Avocado- Camembert Salad – summer is almost here and this is a salad for a warm summer afternoon by the beach. Baby spinach and red onions blend well with tangy green apple slices, garnished with toasted almonds and dressed in lemon basil vinaigrette – Avocado being the overlord in this dish.


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Thyme Poached Salmon Fillet – Being a huge Salmon fan, I’m always disappointed with the small portions most of the restaurants make their guests eat, but at Cafe Roma it’s a good sized fillet of Norwegian Salmon poached to creamy perfection. Served with a generous portion of porcini mushroom risotto, some grilled zucchini and hollandaise sauce on the side. The salmon is very slightly smoked and goes well with the risotto. Also, only available for the Valentine menu.

Spinach and Ricotta Fusilli – More like a salad than a pasta dish if you ask me. Baby spinach and ricotta cheese over al dente fusilli with a sprinkle of pine nuts. While on the healthy side, you might want to avoid this one if you like your pasta with sauce.

Meatball & Sausage Ragout Rigatoni – The meatballs are made from the secret recipe of Chef Sorsa’s grandmother and they melt in your mouth. The almost chorizo like tangy pork sausage adds a sharp contrast to the sweet flavour of the meatballs. Fulfilling and an excellent value dish.

Pizza Bianca – Crispy base with ricotta cheese, parmesan, rosemary and a generous sprinkle of rockets – all topped up with roasted garlic oil. Very rustic and more on the dry side, this Pizza maybe not the usual fare, but it will grow on you.


Mango Toffee Pie
Mango Toffee Pie

Mango Toffee Pie – Universally loved by the HKYantoYan team, this dish is a clear winner. Home made toffee with slices of fresh mango and whipped cream. Simplicity done right by Cafe Roma.

Caramel Bailey's Cheesecake
Caramel Bailey’s Cheesecake

Caramel Bailey’s Cheesecake – A good sized chunk of velvety cheesecake, infused with the flavors’ of Caramel Bailey’s. While this heavenly dish might not get you drunk, but you might feel dizzy after every bite from the bliss!

 Cafe Roma can be a great place to make some memories, be it either with a loved one or with your whole family. It is pet and vegetarian friendly while there is also a small play area for children. Take a stroll on the beach after you’re done eating to fully appreciate the experience.

 Valentine Promotion: 

  • Foamy Green Pea Soup (HK$ 88) Or Grilled Green Asparagus & Poached White Asparagus (HK$108).
  • Thyme Poached Salmon Fillet (HK$ 188) Or Grilled Australian Sirloin Steak (8oz) (HK$ 218) or Smoked Eggplant- Zucchini Terrine (HK$158)
  • Dark Chocolate Marquise (Apricots & strawberries marinated in champagne), (HK$ 88).

HK$ 348 for 1 person

HK$ 688 for 2 persons
Optional Cocktail Pairing: $98 for 2 glasses of Champagne Cocktail.

*menu is subjected to changes.

Getting there

From Central: 20 mins ferry ride from Central Ferry Pier No.2.

From Tsing Yi: 10 mins bus journey from Tsing Yi MTR (NR330).

From Kwai Fong: 15 mins bus journey from Kwai Fong MTR (NR332)

Cafe Roma – L1, Shop 7 & 8 Beach Commercial Complex, ParkIsland, N.T., Hong Kong |Tel: (852) 3446 1226 | Like Cafe Roma on Facebook

All images captured by Chandni Chotrani for HKYantoYan – All Rights Reserved


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