Brickhouse is the only Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong that understands that there is so much more to Mexican Food  than just your regular tacos and tequila. The chef, Austin Fry (what an appropriate name for a chef from Austin, Texas!) brings Mexico City’s street food and his home city’s ‘Latin /American gastronomical befuddlement’ to Hong Kong – and then adds a whole lot of style and hipster cool. Most of the cool can be attributed to Chef Austin who takes time to talk to the guests. He came to Asia to travel after selling all his belongings and built (from scratch) a restaurant on an island with his brother.

Chef Austin Fry - Brickhouse
Chef Austin Fry – Brickhouse

Brickhouse serves several bite size portions, healthy options and is extremely vegetarian friendly. A very smart restaurant, it has food for everyone. From the meat lovers who don’t like vegetables to vegetarians who won’t even look at meat – everyone eats happy. The cocktail menu is brief and to the point with Brickhouse Margarita (HK$ 105) standing out the most. The beer and specially tequila varieties are plentiful. Soon, Chef Austin will be introducing ‘Michelada’ the Mexican way of drinking beer. This is where a mix is created with various spices, sauces and lime and then you add beer into it!

Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad - Brickhouse
Watermelon Salad

Thing about salad is, everyone can make it at home. So I try to make something which can’t be made at home” – Chef Austin Fry. And you would not even want to try after having this unusual salad. The watermelon is cubed and kept in sealed bags so it retains it’s flavour and colour. The watermelon cubes are topped with feta cheese, cucumber slices, a little chilli syrup and delightful candied pepitas (pumpkin seeds). HK$ 75.

Chef’s Special Cactus Taco’s

Cactus Taco Brickhouse
Cactus Taco’s

Soft taco with a black bean puree base and cooked cactus sticks (no, not with the spines), feta and creamy guacamole. The cactus tastes almost like a less pungent gherkin pickle. This is a tasty special and must have for veggie fans who are bored with asparagus.

Queso Fundito

Queso Fundito - Brickhouse
Queso Fundito

I like the fact that there is “fun” in the dish name. A vegetarian delight; black bean puree with some pico de cauliflower (raw cauliflower salad), lots of guacamole, Mexican cream and topped with baked Mexican cheese. You even get a pair of scissors to cut the cheese. Served with soft tortillas. HK$ 105 (add HK$ 15 for chorizo’s).

Chile Relleno

Chile Rellano - Brickhouse
Chile Rellano

The huge tempura fried poblano pepper-stuffed with creamy butternut squash, Manchego Cheese and ‘Qunoa’, which is a super grain and is rich in protein and fiber. Probably one of the most nutritious entrées in the menu. The whole thing is then served on a bed of light tomato broth. Again a vegetarian friendly dish, must have. HK$ 165.

Other than these, Brickhouse also does “Ceviches”, which are cold seafood dips served with chips (HK$ 115 – 125). If you love seafood or sushi, the Tuna Tostada will make your night (HK$ 95). The home beet fries (HK$ 65) are a healthy alternative to regular potato fries, but only if they tasted the same as well.

Indoor Seating - Brickhouse
Indoor Seating

If you haven’t been to Brickhouse as yet, I suggest you rush now. It’s not easy to find despite it being bang in the center of Lan Kwai Fong. This is actually one of the most attractive features of the restaurant. It’s more peaceful and much less clamorous than 20 meters outside it. The staff is all super chilled and eager to help which means no more waving your hand and calling out again and again to get their attention. They do not have a reservation system, it’s all first come first serve basis. But they are open till late and the later you go, the better it gets. Also, if you are good at graffiti, they might just ask you to do one on the wall.

Outdoor Seating - Brickhouse
Outdoor Seating

Brickhouse – G/F, 20A D’Aguilar St., Central, Hong Kong.

Brickhouse on Facebook. 

All images captured by Chandni Chotrani for HKYantoYan – All Rights Reserved


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