Craving for a Vegetarian Burger?
Craving for a Vegetarian Burger?

Comfort food for many, burgers have brought a smile to million faces all over the world. No matter if your love is beefy or cheesy, your affair with burgers has been long and satisfying. Vegetarians can now smack their lips in delight as we list down 5 of the best veggie burgers in Hong Kong ! No longer the sad bunch who has to make do with plain cheese and lettuce, I for one am literally salivating to try out the following burgers.

1. Triple O’s

A favourite with many, Triple O’s had changed the burger scene when it first opened its doors in Hong Kong, but did you know that their Veggie Burger has been oh so popular (not only with vegetarians) all these years? With a Veggie Burger that’s so delicious and satisfying, meat-lovers are also starting to take notice. Ha!

The Veggie Burger has a tasty vegetarian patty cooked to perfection on a separate grille from meat burgers in order to preserve vegetarian specifications. Topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and of course, the famous Triple O’s sauce, the sumptuous Veggie Burger is finally placed in fresh, lightly toasted homestyle buns. And then what happens is history! Eagerly waiting hands position it perfectly for a salivating tongue..

If the hunger Gods are on your side,opt for the Veggie Burger Combo that comes with french fries and a drink. Committed to giving customers the best burger in town, this place has ingredients that are sourced globally: relish and pickles from Canada, chicken from Brazil, and beef from Australia!

Chomp Chomp.

Triple O’s Kowloon | Shop G004, Ground Floor. Elements (by the Rink) MTR Kowloon Station, TST | Tel: +852 2889 1000

Triple O’s Island | Unit 009, Level LG1. Great Food Hall, Pacific Place. 88 Queensway, Admiralty | Tel: +852  2873 4000

For more details on the rest of the branches, visit the Triple O’s official website here

2. Sidewalk

A perfect option for a late nigh snack, their vegetarian burger is lip smacking, crunchy and will literally disappear before your eyes. Bored of having a burger with the same contents time and again? Very recently added on the menu is a tribute to Hong Kong, the Cow-loon Burger. It is mainly filled with tofu and layered with mushrooms, then flavored with Chinese spices and a signature special sauce. Oh so delicious!

 Sidewalk | Shop G, Block A, G/F, 17 Wing Wah Lane, LanKwai Fong, 852 Central District, Hong Kong | Tel:  + 852 25258116

3. Gourmet Burger Union

For a burger thats named Happy Cow, you know its got your senses tickled already. A premium Vegetable Soy Protein Burger with Grilled Onions, Lettuce Blend, Roasted Garlic Aioli and Sweet Katsu Sauce, I can already bet that there are more non vegetarians wolfing down this burger than vegetarians!

Gourmet Burger Union | G/F 46, Wyndham Street, Central | Tel: +852 2525-2028

4. Veggie SF

A new vegetarian restaurant in Central HK specializing in San Francisco style diner food, the venue earns its points for uniqueness for its decor. Sample the Beetroot Pate Cheese Burger and my guess is that even though you aren’t a beetroot fan and will probably make a face at even the slightest mention of it and its color, the burger earns its marks for innovativeness and healthiness!

Veggie SF | 11 Stanley St, Central | Tel: +852 3902 3902

5. Light Vegetarian in Sai Ying Pun 

Coming together in a package that is satisfying -to the eyes as well as to the palate, the black bean burger stays true to its name and has created quite a buzz about it. Resting inside 2 whole wheat crunchy buns, the patty promises flavor and freshness on the tongue!

Light Vegetarian | 1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2559-9098

Have we missed out your favourite veggie burger place? 


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