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Premium UK based tea brand, teapigs brings in a unique and different way to enjoy an all natural, authentic, make-at-home, chai latte.

Teapigs is known for using the highest quality ingredients in their chai tea – whole leaf black Assam tea blended with whole cardamom pods, cloves, real pieces of ginger and cinnamon. These real, all natural ingredients mean great taste without artificial flavourings and sweeteners.

Teapigs teas come in ‘tea temples’ – a special biodegradable mesh bag which makes brewing and enjoying top quality tea easy and convenient.

Here is how you can make a delicious chai latte at home is really easy by using teapigs chai tea temples:

• take one teapigs chai tea temple and place in your mug or latte glass

• cover 1/3 glass with hot water – enough to cover your temple

• let it brew for 3-5 minutes

• while your chai brews heat up some milk (ideally froth with a milk frother)

• top up the chai tea concentrate with the milk and add brown sugar or honey to taste and some cinnamon on top for a little extra spice

teapigs tea taster Louise says: “Every vendor, in every city, in every region of India offers their own version of Chai Masala – the aromatic, spiced milky tea that has been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years. This is our version – a rich, malty, warming blend which is great to make at home on a cosy winter’s night. It’s a satisfying, healthy drink that captures the vibrancy and colour of India in a cup.”

We’re giving away a delicious pack of chai tea flavour to one lucky winner! All you have to do is tell us why that morning cuppa chai is so special to you? Email us at to participate.

Chai tea latte by teapigs
Chai tea latte by teapigs

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