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By on January 17, 2013

Located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the very recently opened – Augustin’s Waffles brings to you the best bite-sized Liège waffles! Being a Kowloon-sider (like myself) if  you keep passing by Hau Fook Street everyday, one cannot avoid the aromas of freshly made waffles by the minute!

Did you know…that in Belgium there are many different types of waffles, which includes the Brussels waffle, the Liège waffle and the Stroopwafel, but there are no waffles that are known as a ‘Belgian waffle’!

The Belgian waffles we all love today, which in reality are an American created concept. These are very common as a breakfast dish in an average American household.  A perfect Belgian Waffle is known to be golden, crispy on the outside and moist almost ‘melts in your mouth’ on the inside.

Bite sized Liège Waffles anyone?

The Liège waffles are richer, denser, sweeter,  much more chewier and very well-known in the Eastern part of Belgium. They are typically similar to a brioche bread dough, with chunks of pearl sugar which caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked. The Liège is the most common type of waffle available all over Belgium.

Waffle with Chocolate Sauce & Powdered Sugar

Since it was my first visit, I stuck with the simple and the most basic option and went ahead with the Chocolate Mountain – Waffle with Chocolate Sauce & Powdered Sugar (Keep in mind – all the products contain egg) well priced at $22 for a serving of two waffles.  At first, I did find the Liège waffles a bit too chewy for my fancy but after a while I started enjoying them and ended up savoring every bite till the end!

All said and done, if you are getting that extra sugar craving, we highly recommend you try out Augustin’s Waffles for delicious and freshly baked Liège Waffles and Mini Dutch Pancake Puffs.

Augustin’s Waffles  | G/F, Working Port Commercial Building, 3 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2368 7380

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Kannan Ashar

Having lived most of her life in Hong Kong, Kannan moved to Bombay, or as some call it, Mumbai, 7 years ago in the mindset to pursue her studies in fashion designing but fate had other plans and she went ahead with advertising as her major. Being a typical NRI, living in Bombay was one of the most challenging yet exciting parts of her life. After working within the lifestyle media in Bombay for 3 years, life brought her back to her first and only home, Hong Kong.

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