Aruna Jha is known as the curry queen of Macau. She has been one of the earliest Indian settlers in Macau and Aruna’s Maharaja Indian Curry was the first Indian Restaurant in Macau, long before anyone even knew about Macau in India. It is as popular among the local Macau residents for Indian food as it is with the ever increasing Indian tourist from India. What stands out the most about this restaurant is the ‘home cooked’ feel of the food. And if one thing is unarguably true about Indians, it’s that we love home food.

Aruna Jha of Aruna Maharaja Macai
Aruna Jha

The Appetizers –

Just like Aruna Jha’s maternal home, the menu is very North Indian. In the appetizers you will find the street fare of Delhi like Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Dahi Papri Chat and “Samosa Chat” which is the traditional samosa opened and doused with a tamarind sauce and spiced yoghurt based sauce. The Dahi papri chat is light and refreshing, in fact ‘light and refreshing’ is the theme for all the appetizers here. None of the heavy stuff which makes you want to cut out few items from your main course order. It’s home styled food which is tasty and healthy as the same time.

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The Main Course –

Indians are known to be vegetarians, many of us are what I call ‘Vege-Day-rians’, which means they are vegetarian only on selected days of a week. Aruna’s Maharaja is probably the only restaurant in Macau – Indian or not- which has the most variety of vegetarian dishes. There is a lot to choose from and some of our favorite vegetarian dishes are:

  • Bhindi Masala – I’m sure many of you must have had Bhindi Masala at any of the hundreds of restaurants all over the world, but nothing comes as close to home styles Bhindi masala like at Aruna’s Maharaja. It’s not overly spiced as it normally is in other restaurants. A must try, even if you are a ‘hard core non vegetarian’.
  • Dal Makhani – Also called Dal Mughal; it’ s again quite a light fare as opposed to the heavy creamy stuff you get elsewhere. You can order this dish as an accompaniment rather than ordering it as a main dish. You can have the whole bowl and not feel sleepy while trying to win at Baccarat at the Sands casino.
  • Khadi Pakora – Now this is a dish which you don’t get to see in an Indian Restaurant. The Kadhi Pakora has it’s origins from Rajasthan, the North West of India. Kadhi is basically a curry based in yoghurt with very different flavours from the other Indian fare. And Pakora are the deep fried balls of gram flour dough (Pakora) which are left in the Kadhi so as to absorb it. Growing up in Delhi, biting on a Pokora in the Kadhi was one of the most delightful experiences ever. The Kadhi Pakora at Aruna’s Maharaja took me back several years to that same delight. Do not leave the restaurant without trying this. 

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Apart from these, there are the usual suspects like lamb bhuna, Goan fish, Seafood curries, butter chicken and much much more. The butter chicken is quite fresh and tender – not overly sweet and not overly spicy, just right. There is something for everyone here, and if there is something special you want, you can always call them and let them know in advance.

Aruna’s Maharaja Indian Curry Restaurant is on Avenue de Marciano Baptista and right across from Sands Casino. The group itself has four restaurants across Macau with a new one  Apart from serving food to regular walk-ins, they also cater to the ever increasing tour groups which come to Macau from India, and we Indians love home styled food – which is why of all the restaurants in Macau, Aruna’s Maharaja Indian curry wins!

Aruna’s Maharaja Indian Curry | Avenue De Marciano Baptista, No 92, Ed Hung On Centre
BL1. R/C A. Macau | Tel +853 28701850 / 28772844


  1. Hi, I have tried this restaurant its okay… but the best indian in Macao up to date is Spice Garden in Galaxy.. Hope you try it and review it too!


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