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By on September 7, 2014

So everyone’s been raving about the revamped Police Married Quarters (PMQ)—a new creative hub slam in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. And, Aberdeen Street Social seems to be one of its star attractions. Lazily tucked away from the hustle bustle of Queens Road, this two-storey restaurant is at the junction of Aberdeen Street and Hollywood Road. Michelin-star chef Jason Atherton and entrepreneur Yenn Wong’s latest (and ‘already popular’) hotspot is both, posh yet welcoming.


Its ‘social’ and warm vibe coaxes you to leave all your problems and tensions at the door. It’s a place you can unwind after a long day at work, where hours passes without any worry or care. The duplex restaurant houses a bar, coffee and bakery space as well as patio on the first floor and a fine dining room, with semi-open kitchen upstairs. I relaxed the moment we sat at our table in the corner, right next to a busy kitchen. I don’t know whether it was the subtle and classy décor, the open kitchens, dim lights, busy yet unfazed kitchen staff, the friendly faces of the service staff or the aroma of fresh ingredients that triggered a certain sense of calm inside me. We spent three long hours trying interesting flavor- packed cocktails, and devouring the delectable food orchestrated with superior finesse by the Jason Atherton’s motley crew of assuredly top-notch chefs.

After exchanging pleasantries with the lovely staff, we ordered some refreshing cocktails to start the evening. Given the wide range of options on the menu, we asked the staff for their recommendation. What came to our table put a broad smile on our face—just like a kid does on getting a spanking new toy! “What The Doctor Ordered” – is a cocktail of Hibiki 12yr whisky, Kamm & Sons, Lactobacillus Casei, lemon juice and stem ginger syrup. It comes with an incredibly cute pill jar and a personalized note from the bar doctors! The “Bollywood Remake” is an interesting yet notorious version of Jaljeera with a punch of alcohol. Trust me one is never enough. On the other hand, P.I.S.C.O – the macchu pisco, blue curacao, lemon verbena cocktail looks so incredibly cool with ice disco lights that you don’t feel like gulping it down. Eventually when you do, with alcohol as bait, even the virtuous shall turn sinful.


What the Doctor Ordered

Bollywood Remake

Bollywood Remake

As the drinks flowed, so did the conversation. Soon our starters arrived. The fare is modern British, albiet with Jason’s simple and refined approach. The Raw Hokkaido scallops with dashi jelly, apple, shiso, avocado and wasabi purée was a real delight, and so was Beetroot Cured Salmon and Miso Aubergine with raw vegetables. To follow we ordered, the Lamb Rump Confit Neck  which came with peas, mint and charred courgette. The Parsley Fregola, accompanied with garlic, mushrooms and asparagus, was light and flavourful. The Braised Ox Cheek was extremely tender, and came with roasted bone marrow, sourdough crumb, carrot and horseradish mash. Each dish was par excellence, plated up to perfection and met every fine dining standard.

Raw Hokkaido Scallops Dashi Jelly Apple Shiso Avocado Wasabi Puree

Raw Hokkaido Scallops with Dashi Jelly Apple Shiso Avocado Wasabi Puree

Lamb Rump Confit Neck Peas with Mint Charred Courgette

Lamb Rump Confit Neck Peas with Mint Charred Courgette

The main course was good, but the real showstopper was the pre- dessert –”Juniper Fizz” gin and tonic sorbet with juniper grapefruit tonic on the side. Fresh enough to tease your taste buds and light enough to leave enough room for main desserts. When desserts arrived, it nabbed the glory of every other item on the menu we ordered before. Every dessert was divine – JAAL 75% (Chocolate, banana, calamansi, Madras curry), Strawberry (Orchids, litchi, yoghurt, white chocolate) or the Apple Pear (Caramel toffee, soy, brown butter, tamarind). Aberdeen Street Social is truly a perfect paradise for people with the perfect sweet tooth!

JAAl 75%

JAAl 75%

Apple Pear

Apple Pear

It’s only after I finished the five-course meal and wiped all my plates clean, did I understand the true meaning of the oxymoron “Relaxed fine dining”. If you love food to madness, and marvel at the sheer artistry of the chefs in the kitchen then you must visit this place. It’s worth the money – a two course Lunch Set Menu is for HK $238, while a three course is for HK $288. An ‘a la carte’ selection of a drink, starter, main, and desert will roll up to something around HK$800 – HK$1,800.  Whether it’s for a special date night or a relaxed family time, Aberdeen Street Social, is just the place.

Aberdeen Street Social | Police Married Quarters (PMQ), G/F JPC Building, 35 Aberdeen Street | Tel: +852 2866 0300

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