In Hong Kong, it is common to find Dim Sum dishes at every nook and cranny. But to get a chance to devour on good vegetarian versions hit difficulty level 10 (sure that’s a leap). So we at after much trial and error (no kidding) can finally list down 5 Must-Try Vegetarian Dim Sum Dishes in HK and where.

Dim Dim Sum

Of course, you are aware of Dim Dim Sum! For one, it has multiple outlets and secondly, it’s won numerous awards – including the best dim sum in 2011. Recommended is their basic, but delicious Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling. It’s a dish which will never get cold… because you won’t let it sit on your table long enough!

Dim Dim Sum | Multiple Outlets across Hong Kong.

Leisurely Veggie

Image Courtesy – Headonist

High on the 25th floor in Causeway Bay sits this high spirited restaurant. Yes, it isn’t a pure veg restaurant but bet you to get your hands on lip-smacking vegetarian food. Personally, the Truffle Mushroom Bun does it all for us. It always sweeps us off our feet with its natural juicy, earthy, nutty and oaky flavour. Plus it is soft and spongy. According to us, it is perfect to hit the savoury notes. There you go, another restaurant to fall in love with for the vegetarian fellas of Hong Kong.

Leisurely Veggie | 25/F, Jardine Center, No.50 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China | Tel: +852 35656393.

Pure Veggie House

Image Courtesy – Eat What Tonight

Just around Hong Kong Park, Pure Veggie House serves one of the best vegetarian Dim Sum dishes in HK. Connected with the Buddhist culture, the ambience of this restaurant always gives a breeze of fresh air. The one that we would vote for on their menu is the Cheung Fan with Mixed Veggies. Well, this one here is a thin crepe roll made from a wide strip of Shahe Fen aka rice noodles and filled with lots of nutritional vegetables. To top it up, they offer a variety of fourteen teas and flavoured combinations!

Pure Veggie House | 3/F, Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2525 0552.

Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant

Image Courtesy – The Woks Of Life

Established by a Buddhist, the Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant does provide everything good! From an elegant but yet so cosy surroundings to flavoursome yet reasonably priced food. Here we usually opt for the Turnip Pancake. Yes, this one beats the oh so loved potato pancakes too. Firstly, turnips are a healthier option and secondly, once cooked it tastes close to potatoes but with a peppery and tangy twist. Now, who wouldn’t want to have that on their plate!

Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant | 1/F, 395 King’s Road, North Point & Shop D, G/F & 4/F, JD Mall, 233-239 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon | Tel: +852 28561333 / +852 36221888.

Yum Cha

Image Courtesy – Wongnai

With an East meets West decor, Yum Cha makes each diner feel homely. Along with that, they do strive to carry authentic flavours but also like to add a bit of their modern twist to it. And let us tell you that they do a pretty good job especially with the Braised Truffle e-fu Noodles. We are talking about pure comfort food here. Plus, if you like your mushrooms, this can be one of the best vegetarian Dim Sum dishes in HK for you.

Yum Cha | Multiple Outlets across Hong Kong. 

Yes, we too would like to get more of the GOOOD Vegetarian Dim Sum Dishes in HK. So, please hit us up with a few of your favs in the comments below 😀


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