About Us – Indians in Hong Kong

YantoYan simply means Indian in Cantonese. It is a community of Indians in Hong Kong

But YantoYan has more meaning, it is the power of a number of us Indians in Hong Kong who have either come here for work, were born here or have in one way or the other come to call Hong Kong their true home. It’s also about anyone who loves India, it’s about us.

We at HKYantoYan.com are also one of these, and we understand the importance of having a community of Indians in Hong Kong close together. Every day Hong Kong springs up something new, be it a new boutique, a new restaurant or a nightclub in LKF, there is always a new story. What we aspire to do is to create a common platform for all these stories to be read and shared amongst all. We wish to provide all the information relevant to the Indians in Hong Kong. And if you are an Indian in Hong Kong, you can share your story with us too.

On this website, we wish to combine the vast talents of people who have come from different walks of life to write about all the things that matters to the Indians in Hong Kong, the YantoYan’s.