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ABCL Box Cricket Tournament back in Hong Kong

By on May 6, 2017

Calling out to all cricket fans! ABCL Box Cricket Tournament back in Hong Kong on Sat, 27th & Sun, 28th May 2017. Last date of team registration is Wednesday, 10th May 2017!

ABCL Box Cricket Tournament Hong Kong

Some of the Game Rules:
1)8 Players on each side, 1 substitute allowed (To be informed event organiser well in advance and the reserve player should not be playing in any other ABCL Cup teams).
2)It will be played by a hard Tennis Ball (MRI ball in gully cricket language)
3)6 overs each side.
4)Max of 2 overs per bowler
5)Ball has to pitch ahead of the center line otherwise it will be considered as NO BALL.
6)NO BALLS and WIDE will not be counted as official ball and 1 run will be scored by the opponent team.
7)Byes and Leg Byes are allowed.
8)Wicket keepers are allowed to change anytime.

For more information or details please call 64166777 or visit:

Kannan Ashar
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