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    Tarot tipping with Munisha Khatwani

    Celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer, Munisha Khatwani was in town last month on a tarot trip. We caught up with her on a lazy afternoon, over home cooked quesadillas, dhoklas and a cuppa yummy coffee (thanks...

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  • Brickhouse Featured
    Green Mexican Mondays at Brickhouse

    Trying to find authentic ‘veg’ Mexican food in Hong Kong is in fact, quite an arduous task. Most Mexican restaurants tend to lean heavily towards Tex-Mex cuisine in favour of the real thing and are almost always...

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  • Cafe Deco Pizzeria Green Monday
    Go Meatless with Green Monday at Cafe Deco Pizzeria

    “If everyone in Hong Kong gives up meat one day a week, it would be like taking 86,000 cars off the road.” And that will surely make a huge difference to the city’s soaring carbon footprint— has...

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  • Indian Food
    Indian Food Urges

    “I am craving for Indian food, any suggestions?” When I first moved to Hong Kong, this used among my ‘top asked’ questions. In the years that followed, I ended up answering this question innumerable times — to...

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  • veg food
    Veg menu, Please. Vegetarian Restaurants in Hong Kong

      To a foodie, Hong Kong — the proverbial ‘culinary capital of Asia’— promises to be a land of gastronomic delights. Being a vegetarian, however, I was sure it wouldn’t be the case with me. In a...

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